A new horizon awaits: Introducing British Columbia curriculum in Bangladesh

Bringing forth a new dawn within the education landscape of Bangladesh, New Horizon Canadian International School introduces the British Columbia (BC) curriculum in the country. The future world filled with immense opportunities necessitates varied, challenging and exciting learning opportunities, enabling children to find their inspiration; and that is exactly what the BC curriculum at New Horizon Canadian International School offers.

Focusing on a student-centered approach to learning, the BC curriculum stands upon a known-do-understand model. These three elements represent activities to teach and encourage deep learning through content, curricular competencies and big ideas. Consequently, all levels of the BC education system comprise a personalized, flexible and innovative approach to life-long learning. The curriculum further emphasizes building skills in communication, thinking, and personal and social competency. Consequently, students learn to exchange ideas, explore the world, and engage within the digital space effectively while also developing themselves intellectually – demonstrating outstanding creative and critical thinking abilities. Additionally, with a positive personal and cultural identity, students learn to become personally and socially responsible.

In addition to the general academic subjects, the British Columbia curriculum offers courses in Humanities, Arts, Technology, Physical Education and Social Emotional Learning. It focuses on building and nurturing communities, and encouraging children to serve people in meaningful ways. Ensuring a holistic development, the school encourages and hosts a range of extracurricular activities, including programs and courses with international affiliations. Teachers at New Horizon are extensively trained to teach students to think and learn critically, and build a positive self-image. Consequently, students become capable of making independent decisions. Comprising of BC certified principal and teachers on staff, the school focuses on high quality student-centered learning that meets the diverse needs of all learners.

In partnership with an array of healthcare facilities throughout the country, New Horizon Canadian International School also offers access to multiple payable and non-payable medical benefits, applicable for all students. Every student of the school comes under an extensive health coverage as soon as they get admitted.

Crystal Zaugg, Principal of New Horizon Canadian International School, said, “I am thrilled to be a part of this world-class educational facility in Dhaka. I believe that all students deserve the very best opportunity available to reach their full potential, and it is important to cater to every individual’s learning needs. Hence, we at New Horizon want to work towards building an open and friendly environment with engaging opportunities that empower our children to learn and grow.”

The British Columbia curriculum provides a pathway towards preparing our children for the world of tomorrow. Hence, along this road towards a happy and successful future, a new horizon awaits.