Entrepreneurial Economists club, Dhaka School of Economics organized a Webinar on DIGITAL INNOVATION & LEADERSHIP on 30th March,2022 evening.

Speakers said that Increasing the production in agricultural sector, distribution, and adoption of stress-tolerant seed varieties and promoting these varieties to farmers who need them but are not aware of their availability or the respective farming practices through digitization process as said by the experts. Promoting high-yielding seed varieties, which boost agricultural output also worked well during pandemic for which local economy needs to boost up. Speaker said that digital economy is well suited in the Bangladesh economy for which cyber security is needed.

Leadership is needed to cope up with the challenges for which digital literacy is needed. Prof.Mahesh Gandhi , Academician, Academic Administrator, Strategist-Students Recruitment & Expert- Regulatory Processes ,India was the chief guest  said that after COVID-19,digital transformation started after COVID-19.Prof.Gandhi advised that every country should move to digital transformation so that everything can function smoothly. Digital Platform revelations should be needed for developing the economy.

In the programme KSM Mustafizur Rahman, Chairman, veterinarian National Agricare Import & Export Ltd., and Managing Director, One Pharma ,Bangladesh was the special guest while Professor Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Economist ,Entrepreneurial and IT expert of Dhaka School of Economics was he session chair.

Dr. Kunal Sil is an Assistant Professor at Global College of Science and Technology, Department of Management, Krishnagar, West Bengal ,India was presented the main paper. He said that   digital entrepreneurship is a term given to define the way that business ownership will evolve as companies and consumers are highly impacted by developments in technology. Dr Sil argued that the digital revolution is as disruptive to the media business as electricity was to the candle business.

KSM Mustafizur Rahman argued that Digital agriculture is the use of new and advanced technologies, integrated into one system, to enable farmers and other stakeholders within the agriculture value chain to improve food production. Sustainability is very important for attaining to competency which is required for developing digital activities in current scenario is going on.

Prof.Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali said that Bangladesh is progressing due to digital economy. He said that digitization is necessary in the health sector for getting better health services. Prof.Ali said that digitally competencies are required to be exploration of the fact finding and developing the local economy.

KSM Mustafizur Rahman was given honorary life membership of the entrepreneurial economists’ club of Dhaka School of Economics for his contribution in the entrepreneurship development by the club moderator Rehana Parvin.

Among others Rehana Parvin, Sara Tasneem Assistant Professor of Dhaka School of Economics both were discussed on the topics. Mohammad Aman Ullah Aman, Adjunct Faculty also spoke on this occasion.