ODOMMO Project inaugurated in collaboration with MALALA Fund and JAAGO Foundation Trust

The ODOMMO project, a collaboration between the MALALA Fund and JAAGO Foundation Trust, was inaugurated yesterday, on 17 June 2023. Launching in November 2022, the project will run for the next 3 years till 2025. The ceremony included esteemed guests including Prof Nehal Ahmed, Director General of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE), Musharraf Tansen In-Country Representative from MALALA Fund Bangladesh, and Korvi Rakshand, the Chairman of JAAGO Foundation Trust. The ODOMMO project addresses the obstacles girls face in accessing education in Bangladesh.

Poverty, gender discrimination, social norms, and environmental hazards hinder girls’ education at various levels. The ODOMMO project aims to increase girls’ access to formal education, create a supportive learning environment, raise awareness and advocate for girls’ rights, and provide quality education through teacher training and life-skills programs for adolescent girls.

Mr Korvi Rakshand, Chairman of JAAGO Foundation Trust, said, “In Bangladesh, 34.86% of girls are unable to continue their studies and ultimately end up dropping out halfway because of poverty, gender discrimination, societal norms, and environmental challenges. It hinders their educational journey, limiting their opportunities for a brighter future. JAAGO Foundation Trust, in collaboration with the MALALA Fund, is delighted to announce the launch of the ODOMMO project, a transformative initiative aimed at breaking barriers and empowering girls in Bangladesh to reach their full potential. ODOMMO aims to break down the walls of poverty, gender discrimination, social norms, and environmental hazards in the way of girls’ education. Through increased access to formal education, we will empower these girls to become the future leaders, visionaries, and changemakers of Bangladesh.”

In-Country Representative from MALALA Fund Bangladesh Musharraf Tansen said, “The MALALA Fund works to ensure that every child and woman receives quality education. In that light, the MALALA Fund has been working in Bangladesh since 2020. As you know, Bangladesh is vulnerable to climate change. We aim to make our girls resilient to these challenges, which is the goal of our indomitable program. That is why we have chosen the Char and Haor regions for this program, and the JAAGO Foundation has been entrusted with this work in Mithamain. Currently, the JAAGO Foundation has initiated work in two schools and plans to expand to nine schools and two madrasas.”

Director General, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE), Prof Nehal Ahmed said, “Organizations like JAAGO Foundation trust are rare examples in our area that are working in the field of education. They are actively engaged with our female students, who are facing various challenges in our locality. They are contributing to the development of our education system and the formation of our nation. This role they are playing is extremely significant because as long as we cannot build an educated nation, we will not be able to transform into an advanced society.”

One of our beneficiaries from this project, a head teacher of Ghagra A. Goni High School Mr. Saiful Islam said, “We’re thrilled about the ODOMMO project by MALALA Fund and JAAGO Foundation Trust. It’s going to make a real difference for our female students. By breaking down barriers like poverty, discrimination, and social norms, this project will create a warm and supportive learning environment. Our girls will be empowered, engaged, and ready to reach for the stars.”