Scope for Bangladesh -India SME Business and friendly ties will be strengthened- Dr.Yashoda Durge

An e- seminar on Bangladesh -India in the Small business sector was organized by the Entrepreneurial Economists club of Dhaka School of Economics on 28 February,2021.

Experts said that Bangladesh is our closest neighbour and the relation between the two countries is at its height now.Bangladesh railways with the railway network in India’s North-East and West Bengal to boost trade and economy with inclusion of Cumilla is being needed.New Train connectivity by the Cumilla district through Daudkandi,Meghna and Kachpur may with capital city Dhaka may be taken in the 8 five year plan to cope with present Bangladesh govt.’s development process as it will reduce 63 kilometers rail connection between Cumilla and Dhaka.Road through agartala,India from Cumilla district and waterway with Gomati river of Cumilla district may be an important part for connectivity with the new establishment of the airport in Cumilla district.Informal and medical tourism has wider scope to address as opined by the speakers.Educational sector need to be readdressed after pandemic with further helping attitude.COVID vaccine is an example of good relationship.A new free trade area including India,Bangladesh,Bhutan,Nepal,Thailand ,Cambodia and Vietnam may be grown for regional cooperation in future.
Dr.Yashoda Durge ,an academician and marketing expert of India who was thechief guest in the seminar told that friendly relationship between India and Bangladesh will be strengthening.She told that India’s links with Bangladesh are civilisational, cultural, social, and economic.Bangladesh puts deep emphasis on relations with India. She put emphasis on the relationship to be further strengthened including through cooperation in digitalization areas.

Dr.Ashu Jain of St. Aloysius College, Madhya Pradesh, India who attended as a special guest commented that there is much that unity between both the countries – a shared history and common heritage, education,learning ,scientific research, linguistic and cultural ties, passion for music, literature and the arts.She congratulated that Bangladesh is going to celebrate 50 years of Independence..

Dr. Nadia Binte Amin, another special guest , President of WEND and Entrepreneur argued that there is wide scope for women entrepreneurship development between two countries and start ups may be started for women entrepreneurs.
Twop papers were presented in the seminar.

Mohammad Amanullah Aman ,vice president of the club presided over the programme.