Sports Betting in Bangladesh for Beginners

This article contains general information about sports betting in Bangladesh. The text gives an overview of the online sports betting market and the advantages of online betting sites. Also written in the article are useful tips for those who are about to start betting on sports online in Bangladesh.

Betting on sports in Bangladesh

Betting on sports is gaining popularity every year. It is safe to say that sports betting in Bangladesh are one of the favorite pastimes of the residents of this country. This situation looks unusual against the background of the fact that gambling and betting on sports are forbidden by the legislation in Bangladesh. In this regard, online sports betting is gaining popularity.

Betting on sports in Bangladesh is not only a way to have fun and get exciting emotions but also a way to make money. Of course, no one can guarantee you income, as sports betting is always a risk, but experienced players who have spent a lot of effort and time studying sports teams can predict the outcome of a match with great accuracy. Those people who consider betting on sports as a job are increasingly turning to online sites. Bookmaker sites provide a larger selection of sports disciplines, matches, and greater bonuses than traditional street bookmakers.

Benefits of online sports betting in Bangladesh

Online sports betting in Bangladesh has a number of advantages. This method of betting on sports has appeared relatively recently but has already managed to attract many players and customers. Every day there are more and more Bangladeshi betting sites as well as their customers. This is due to the undeniable advantages that street bookmakers do not have. Below we will consider the main advantages in more detail.

Legitimacy and security

As mentioned above, betting on sports and gambling is illegal in Bangladesh. Because of this, no street bookmaker in this country will have a license to operate. It turns out that you can easily become a victim of fraudsters or more dangerous criminals, as the bookmaker operates underground. Even if the bookmaker turns out to be honest, although there are no guarantees, you could get in trouble with the law for gambling.

Online sports betting in Bangladesh has a significant advantage – any well-known online bookmaker has a license to operate. This license may be obtained in another country, but in any case, it is a guarantee of reliability and honesty of the bookmaker. Online sports betting in Bangladesh is safe in that you won’t get in trouble with the law for gambling, as you don’t even have to leave your home to bet on your favorite sports team.

As for security, good online bookmakers have reliable betting sites that are protected from hacker attacks and do not share personal customer data with third parties. The same applies to mobile applications of bookmakers. Transaction security is also at a good level. Large bookmakers work with ten or more payment systems, which is not only convenient for players but also indicates the reliability of the site World-known payment systems quickly and safely transfer money to the account, so you can not worry about the safety of the deposit or your winnings.


Betting on sports online in Bangladesh is not only safer but also profitable. Due to the great competition between bookmakers, they offer very generous bonuses to customers. Often customers receive from 100% to 300% bonus on their first deposit and take advantage of referral programs and loyalty programs. Online sports betting in Bangladesh can bring weekly cashback or other bonuses not available at street bookmakers. There are also sign-up bonuses that do not require a deposit to receive them.

If you’re not sure if you want to start betting on sports online, but you want to give it a try, some sites have a demo mode available. This is a game mode where you are credited with a virtual account that you can use to place your bets. You will not be able to withdraw your winnings when using this mode, but you can try to start betting on sports online in Bangladesh without making a deposit.

High odds

It’s not just bonuses that help bookmaker customers make money from online sports betting in Bangladesh. Sports betting sites don’t take high margins, so you will have higher odds available to you. On average, a sports betting site takes a 2% to 5% margin, which is much less than street bookmakers. So we recommend that you pay attention to this fact. You can read how much margin your chosen site takes in the “About Us” section. Most often, the developers of online sports betting sites are honest about it.

Mobile applications

Online sports betting in Bangladesh is not only about high odds and huge bonuses, but also about convenience. You don’t need to leave your home to place your bets. Moreover, you can place dozens of sports bets a day, which is an undeniable advantage. But progress does not stand still and now most online bookmakers have mobile applications that allow you to bet on sports online not only through your computer but also with your mobile device.

Most of us spend a lot of time with our cell phones. You can download and install just one app on it that allows you to bet anytime, anywhere. To install a mobile online sports betting app, you need to go to the website of the bookmaker of your choice and download the installation file. After that, open the file and start the installation process on your phone. It is possible that your mobile device will ask for permission to install the files downloaded from the browser. After that, open the application and create an account or sign in to an existing account. It is important to remember that it is safe to download mobile apps only from the official website of your chosen bookmaker.

Modern mobile apps for online sports betting in Bangladesh have all the features of the official website and are safe from viruses. They do not have high technical requirements and can be installed on almost any mobile device. The mobile apps have a good design and intuitive navigation. With the help of applications, you can deposit, withdraw winnings, contact support and receive bonuses in the same way.

Technical Support

Any good BD betting site has a technical support service. Most often, technical support works around the clock to promptly answer any customer question and provide the necessary assistance. Customers ask about registration, making a deposit, activating bonuses, withdrawals, and so on. Most online sports betting sites in Bangladesh have live chat where any question will be answered promptly. Alternative methods of communication with the support team are email and messengers.


Betting sites in Bangladesh provide customers with a larger selection of sports disciplines and matches than street bookmakers. On online betting sites, you can choose from dozens of sports disciplines and hundreds of matches at a time. At the same time, you are not limited by geography. For example, you can bet on a soccer match taking place in Germany or Argentina. Cybersport is also represented. Cybersports have already gained a lot of popularity, especially among young people. Betting on cybersports is quite predictable, which reduces your risks a bit.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Good online bookmakers offer their customers a choice of dozens of payment systems for making a deposit and withdrawals. Thus, you can deposit your account not only by bank transfer but also through the popular Skrill and Neteller. Fans of cryptocurrency also will not be left without attention. Many bookmakers give bonuses for using certain payment systems. For example, on some online sports betting sites in Bangladesh, you can get from 5% to 10% of your deposit amount for using a particular payment system or cryptocurrency.

How to choose a good betting site in Bangladesh

More and more online betting sites in Bangladesh are popping up every day. On the one hand, this is very good, because the competition between bookmakers forces them to attract customers with huge bonuses and high odds. But there is a negative consequence. There is a growing number of online scammers who try to cheat users to get their money or personal data. Therefore, you should carefully study the bookmaker you choose before registering an account and making a deposit.

First of all, make sure that a betting site has a license to operate from a strict regulator. Such a license may be obtained in another country, but in any case, it will guarantee the safety and integrity of the site. Many online bookmakers operate in several countries, so do not be surprised if the license is obtained abroad.

Next, you should read reviews about the betting site of your choice. Find out how well it serves customers from Bangladesh. What currencies does it accept and how long does it take for the money to arrive in your account? Choose betting sites that have a large number of reviews and high ratings.

Pay attention to the experience of the bookmaker. A good betting site in Bangladesh should run for at least a year. This is the time it takes to establish customer service, fix various kinds of errors, analyze customer feedback and make changes to the design, navigation, payment methods and so on. Also, the long operating time of the site indicates its reliability, because the fraudulent sites do not exist for a long time.

Next, look at the proposed methods of making a deposit and withdrawal of funds. If the betting site offers the use of unknown payment systems, it is better to find another bookmaker. You must be confident in the safety of transactions to avoid a negative experience from betting on sports online.

Pay attention to bonuses. Some betting sites in Bangladesh offer huge bonuses but impose unfeasible conditions to get them. In that case, it is best to look at an online betting site that gives customers smaller bonuses, but they are easier to get and the bonus system is simpler and more straightforward.


If you are going to start betting on sports online in Bangladesh, now is the best time. Not only can you maximize your profits through high bonuses, but you can also have fun betting online. The choice of sports disciplines and the number of matches will not leave anyone indifferent. Online sports betting in Bangladesh is perfect for both professionals and beginners.