Why Messi’s Left Foot is Worth $900 Million

Lionel Messi is widely regarded as one of the best soccer players of all time. He has won numerous trophies and awards, including six Ballon d’Ors, four Champions Leagues, and the 2022 World Cup. He is also the highest-paid soccer player in the world, earning a staggering $168 million per year from his salary and endorsements.

But Messi’s talent and success come at a price. He has to protect his most valuable asset: his left foot. Messi’s left foot is the source of his magic, his creativity, and his goals. It is the foot that has scored over 800 goals in his career, the foot that has dazzled defenders and fans alike, the foot that has made history.
That is why Messi’s left foot is insured for an unbelievable amount of $900 million. This means that if Messi suffers a serious injury or disability that prevents him from playing soccer, he will receive a compensation of $900 million from his insurance company. This is the most expensive insurance among all the soccer players, and one of the most expensive insured body parts in the world.

How Messi’s Left Foot Insurance Works

Messi’s left foot insurance is a type of personal accident insurance that covers him in case of a career-ending injury. It is also known as a loss of value insurance, which means that it compensates him for the potential loss of income and endorsement deals that he would have earned if he had continued playing.
Messi’s left foot insurance is not a standard policy that anyone can buy. It is a customized and exclusive contract that is negotiated between Messi, his agent, his club, and his insurance company. The exact terms and conditions of the policy are not publicly disclosed, but some of the factors that may affect the premium and the payout are:
• Messi’s age, health, and injury history
• Messi’s current and projected income and endorsements
• Messi’s contract duration and clauses with his club
• The type and severity of the injury that would trigger the claim
• The probability and frequency of such an injury occurring
• The legal and tax implications of the claim

Why Messi’s Left Foot Insurance is So Expensive

Messi’s left foot insurance is so expensive because he is a unique and irreplaceable player. He is not only the best player in the world, but also the most influential and marketable. He has a loyal fan base of millions of people around the world, who follow his every move and buy his merchandise. He also has lucrative endorsement deals with global brands like Adidas, Pepsi, Huawei, and Mastercard.
Messi’s left foot insurance reflects his value and his impact on the soccer industry. If he stops playing, it would not only affect his personal income, but also his club’s revenue, his sponsors’ sales, and his fans’ satisfaction. It would also affect the quality and popularity of the sport itself, as he is one of the main attractions and inspirations for many soccer lovers.

Messi’s left foot insurance is also expensive because it is rare and risky. There are not many insurance companies that are willing and able to offer such a high coverage for such a specific and unpredictable event. The insurance company that insures Messi’s left foot has to bear a huge potential liability and uncertainty, as they do not know when and how Messi may get injured, and how much they may have to pay him.


Q: Is Messi’s left foot insurance real?
A: Yes, Messi’s left foot insurance is real. It is not a rumor or a joke. It is a serious and legitimate contract that protects Messi’s career and income in case of a catastrophic injury.
Q: How did Messi get his left foot insurance?
A: Messi got his left foot insurance through his agent, Jorge Mendes, who is one of the most powerful and influential agents in the soccer world. Mendes has a network of contacts and connections with various insurance companies and brokers, who can offer customized and exclusive policies for his clients.
Q: How much does Messi pay for his left foot insurance?
A: The exact amount that Messi pays for his left foot insurance is not known, as it is a confidential and private matter. However, some experts estimate that Messi may pay around $1.5 million per year for his left foot insurance, which is about 0.9% of his annual income.
Q: Who pays for Messi’s left foot insurance?
A: Messi pays for his left foot insurance himself, as it is his personal choice and responsibility. His club, Paris Saint-Germain, does not pay for his left foot insurance, as it is not part of his contract. However, his club may benefit from his left foot insurance indirectly, as it may reduce their financial risk and liability in case of Messi’s injury.
Q: What happens if Messi injures his right foot?
A: If Messi injures his right foot, he will not be able to claim his left foot insurance, as it only covers his left foot. However, he may still be able to claim other types of insurance that he may have, such as health insurance, disability insurance, or life insurance. He may also be able to receive compensation from his club, depending on his contract terms and clauses.