Field Trip in Narsingdi by the students of Entrepreneurial Economics Program of Dhaka School of Economics for Practicum

On 11 th March,2023 a field trip was held by the Master of Economics ( Entrepreneurship Economics) and Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Development of Dhaka School of Economics at Bastob Narsingdi. Students tried to assess microfinance impact on the villages among downtrodden people.They argued that women empowerment largely increased in the rural areas during the present government. They also went for practicum in handloom factroies,zamadani Palli,Butik palli.

Prof.Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali argued that Entrepreneurial spirit must be learnt from the micro and small entrepreneurs. They also tried to assess the difference between the pricing of wholesale market of Narsingdi and New Market of Dhaka city with supply chain management and agility.

They argued that Bastob NGO for last 25 years playing vital role to strengthen Bangladesh economy as research report by the Entrepreneurial Economist IT expert and Macro economist Prof.Muhammad Mahboob Ali,PhD, Post Doctorate. Team members are Rehana Parvin,Assistant Professor,Dr.Sara Tasneem, Assistant Professor and Shamim Ahmad,Lecturer, Dhaka School of Economics.

They also wanted to know the cultural heritage from visiting to the Bhai Girishchandra’s paternal House which is our national pride.Linkage between national pride and entrepreneurial spirit is highly correlated. Total numbers of participants in the field trip to learn practicum were 80 students of different batches of Entrepreneurship economics program of Dhaka School of Economics.Students lauded for such practicum to become Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship.Students admission in Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Development is still going on.