How to Choose a Bookmaker in 2024

Betting on sports starts with finding a reliable bookmaker with favourable conditions for betting. You can find a list of Bangladesh legal betting sites for those looking for trustworthy options. Every company calls itself the best on the market. But how can we check whether this corresponds to reality? The article considers how to choose a bookmaker’s office in 2024. It gives step-by-step instructions on evaluating a bookmaker’s performance and lists the criteria the best companies meet.

How to Choose a Bookmaker in 2024

Time of Existence of a Bookmaker

Creating a website and getting a licence quickly is possible, but authority is earned over the years. How to understand that a bookmaker has passed the test of time:

  • Cooperation with sports brands and federations.
  • Contracts with star ambassadors.
  • Multimillion-dollar customer base.
  • Conversely, it is advisable to be wary of bookmakers who do not cooperate with anyone and do not disclose information about themselves. In sports betting, secrecy equates to unreliability.

Easy Verification

Betting is allowed for players over 18 years of age. Verification helps ensure that the user is of legal age. The bettor is asked to upload documents in the Personal Cabinet or come to a ground station for identification.

Not all bettors like to disclose personal data. Verification is not carried out in minutes, especially if the company’s support team is inundated with requests and there is no offline identity verification point nearby.

Rules of Сooperation

In the rules of a reliable bookmaker, no vague formulations allow him to act at his discretion in any disputable situation. An example of a suspicious cooperation clause is as follows:

If the organiser determines that a software malfunction occurred during the play, the results that occurred during the software malfunction may be cancelled or edited at the organiser’s discretion. The participant agrees to refrain from appealing to the operator regarding the quality, quantity, order, and timing of the game services provided to him.

The rule does not specify precisely what the bookmaker considers a software error. The wording of this clause allows the bookmaker to cancel any winnings, refer to the failure, and not provide evidence. The client agrees not to challenge the organiser’s decision.

Selection of Sports and Events for Betting

The line-up of modern bookmakers includes dozens of top (football, basketball, hockey) and less famous (squash, hurling, kabaddi) sports. It is easy to choose a bookmaker according to this criterion.

Additionally, companies collect the maximum number of events for each discipline. For example, Serie A, EPL, and other top football teams are diluted by the national championships of Botswana and Guatemala. When the bettor chooses a sport and tournament to bet on, it remains to open the line and check their availability.

Convenience of Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

The ultimate goal of betting is to withdraw funds won from the bookmaker. Not all clients have e-wallets. Many are comfortable withdrawing money to a card or topping up a mobile operator’s balance from a game account. Thoughtful betting companies try to please all users and connect to various transaction services.

Withdrawal Speed

If the client is not suspected of violating the company’s rules, withdrawal by any payment system takes about 15 minutes. When working with banks, delays of up to 3 days are possible.

Some offshore sites allegedly allow you to bet on sports and withdraw money without verification. However, verification of identity is often requested before the first withdrawal. In this case, the transaction is guaranteed to take more than a day.