Offload your extra Washing task in Winter- Smartly!

As we prepare for the crisp sweater weather, it’s time to unpack those cosy warmers, heavier blankets and winter jackets, but the process of re-cleaning them for a fresh and comfortable use can be a dreadfully tedious one! In winter we have put on extra clothing like jackets, pull-overs etc. which eventually doubles (if not triples) our daily washing job. However, with the help of innovative technology, smart washing machines go a long way in simplifying laundry tasks – a dire necessity during the colder months.

With additional tasks to do, we remain extremely busy in Winter season- filled with weddings, family gatherings and vacations. Enabling everyone to enjoy this season fully, washing machines are made to adapt to all lifestyles with smart convenience features. As a solution, the recent machines have come up with an array of features that ensure a thorough cleaning of even the heaviest winter garments with ease.

An example is the Eco Bubble™ technology, which, even at low temperatures, turns detergent into bubbles that penetrate the fabric to easily remove dirt while preserving the colour and texture of your favourite winter fit. It effortlessly removes even the most stubborn stains by soaking the garments in active bubbles. Hence, be it those brown wardrobe spots or a year-old tea stain that went unnoticed, these features are here to get you sorted. If you’re wondering about the perfect machine offering these exact or similar features, Samsung’s Front Load 9kg Washing Machine with AI technology can be a great option. Samsung’s 9KG Front Load AI Washing Machine comes with QDrive features (can complete a cycle in 39 minutes to serve your emergency purpose). The machine is energy saving with Digital Inverter Motor, backed up by 20 years warranty on the motor. All-in-one winter hero to be precise!

Besides the visible stains, keeping the winter clothes unattended for a while within the deepest corners of the wardrobe can harbour bacteria and allergens. Hence, look out for SteamWash feature to ensure a deep, hygienic clean without the need for pre-treatments.

Hence, this winter, look out for washing machines equipped with smart and innovative features that ensure utmost convenience. With effortless washing options, energy efficiency and smart convenience, the washing appliances of today are perfect for battling the challenges of winter laundry.

Now is the time to truly take off the load!