The universe witnessed the world’s most barbaric carnage on this day 46 years ago-Dr.Qazi kholiquzzaman Ahmad. DScE observed National Mourning Day by arranging seminar

On 16th August,2021 Entreprenruiral Economists Club,Dhaka School of Economics observed the 46th martyrdom anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and National Mourning Day through virtually with due respect and solemnity and maintaining social distancing due to Covid-19 pandemic Use of virtual platform.

Speakers said that Bangabandhu was always in favour of inclusive development to the benefit of all people i.e. at least one will be better off while another must not be worse off. Sad death of this political entrepreneur created a vacuum which can never be filled up as the character of politics now differs.Imbued with hope, people came forward to help to avail the benefits of independence to every doorstep commented by the speakers in the seminar. A sovereign nation after nine months of civil war and genocide saw the humanitarian needs infinite and Mujib responded generously,they opined in the seminar.

Chief guest of the programme Dr.Qazi Khoilquzzaman Ahmad ,Chairman,Dhaka School f Economics and Chairman,Palli Karma Shayak Foundation, paid homage to the architect of the independence by saying that so long Bangladesh will remain in our heart , Bangabandhu will remain in the heart of Bengalis.Dr.Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad gave lecture on the biography of Bangabandhuand said that Bangabandhu is immortal for his great visionary works.He told that the universe witnessed the world’s most barbaric carnage on this day 46 years ago.

Prof Dr.Mahesh Gandhi,Academician . Heading few Schools & a University in India.President-Council Of International Universities Germany joined in the programme as special guest.Prof Dr.Mahesh Gandhi argued that Bangabandhu always paid key role to improve benefits of the poorer section of the people and he willbe always remembered in the world history.

Session Chair of the Programme Prof.Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali said that Bangabandhu served as the first President of Bangladesh from 1971 to 12 January 1972 and again from 25 January 1975 to 15 August 1975 until his killing by the miscreants. He argued that the socio-economic condition of the coutry was developed during the tenure of the Bangabandhu.Prof.Ali said that however, in the early morning on 15 August, 1975 the noblest and greatest of Bengalis with his family members and relatives were killed by the conspirators which is misfortune for the Bengali nation..

As part of the program the book “Shatabarshya Banagabandhu” published by Entreprenruial Economists club was unfolded the over.

Among others Ms.Sara Tasneem ,assistant Professor,Mohammad Aman ullah Aman, S.M. Nawshad kaysar, Humayara Tabassum also spoke in this occassion.