Virtual seminar on Societal Banking and Entrepreneurial economics by Master of Entrepreurship Economics on 15 November,2020

A virtual seminar was held on 15 November ,2020 entitled ” Societal Banking and Entrepreneurial Economics” organized by the Master of Entrepreurship Economics students of Dhaka School of Economics.

Expert said that under separate regulatory bodies micro savings should be channeled to micro investments.

They praised that Prime minister always put emphasis on micro savings which is important factor to develop the nation.

Without arranging financial access during pandemic situation at the grass root level social justice and equitable distribution is not feasible for which societal banking is must.The model was build by Prof.Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali in the line of present govt. And Bangladesh Awami leagues election menifesto.They emphasis the need for inclusion of the proposal of the establishing societal banking in the 8 Five year plan.

In the program keynote paper was presented by the Professor Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali,Program coordinator,Dhaka School of Economics while Prof.Dr.Anisul M.Islam,University of Houston Downtown was chief guest. Special guest was Prof.Dr.Parul Khanna,IMT,Faridabad,India.

Prof.Dr.Muhammad Mahboob Ali argued that under pandemic situation it is prevelant that micro savings can transform to micro investment.He praised govt.decision that more than 12600 people are employed for Entrepreneurial growth for which education and training is must.

Prof.Parul Khanna argued that Entrepreurship eduction has wider variety of scope for human capital development which is currently in Bangladesh is.providing by the Dhaka School of Economics.

Prof.Anisul M.Islam argued that mainstream economics shocked due to pandemic globally and he hoped that vertical coordination among the monetary and fiscal policy is needed.He also argued that current world will be dominant by the techno Entrepreurship for which life long learning is necessary.

Prof. Subrata Chattapodhya of University of Engineering and Management as dsginated discussant argued that current arena is trained Entrepreurship for which participants must gather practical knowledge.

Dr.Yasheda Durge argued that pandemic situation created new thought provoking and she expressed that entreprenurs can recover global economy by restoring supply chain worldwide.

Among others Rehana Parvin and Sara Tasmeen ,Assistant Professor of Entrepreurship Economics of Dhaka School of Economics were present