How To Check JSC Result 2018 With Full Marksheet

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Examination Result If you are one of the over 24 lakh students that wrote the 2018 JSC and JDC Examination organized by the Department of Public Education, then you are anxiously waiting for the results that are due in December. In this article, we are going to share the different methods you can check your results without having to break the bank or any sweat. We touch on how to check through the web, app, and SMS. Read on and know we wish you all success in the examinations.

How To Check JSC Result 2018 Online

The examinations ended on November 18 and results are due to be out by December 24, 2018. All participants’ results would at first be uploaded on to the Education Department’s official website which you can visit on your smartphone or laptop. Preferably, use an updated version of your browser. Here are the steps to follow once you log on to the site


  • Pick JDC/JSC from the drop-down menu of examination type.
  •  Choose the examination year 2018
  • Select the board under which you wrote your exam.
  • Enter “roll” in the box provided.
  • Now, enter your 6-digit registration number.
  • Enter verification code.
  • Click on Submit.

Your result will be displayed and you can download it if you wish to. It is a short and easy process.

How to Check 2018 JSC Exam Result via SMS

A large proportion of the population owns a smartphone and you can check your JSC examination result on the go via SMS. Ensure you have at least 2.50 Taka on your phone and if you do not, do a quick fl.iload on your sim card. With this done, go to the messaging app on your phone. With this done, these are the steps to take:

  • Type JSC in uppercase.
  • Type the first three letters of the education board in uppercase you wrote under. Eg DHA for Dhaka, BAR for Barisal.
  • Type in your 6-digit registration number.
  • Type the exam year 2018.
  • CISend it to 16222

Here is an example:

For Barisal Education Board, send JSC Result 2018: JSC BAR 123456 2018 to 16222

How to Check 2018 JSC Exam Result via Android App

Another convenient option to check our JSC Result 2018 is by the android app. As earlier pointed out, most people now have smartphones and you can easily download the app from Google Play Store, install and use You must have a table internet connection to use this option. Here is a detailed process:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Go to the search bar and type in BD Results (Official Apps)
  • The government-made app would pop up and you click on install.
  • Open the app, and select your examination name: JSC
  • select your examination board.
  • select exam year 2018
  •  Input your 6-digit registration number
  • Click on submit

With this done, all you need to do is wait as your result is brought to you. The speed is dependent on the speed of your internet connection. Once again, we wish you success in your exams. see here how to check PSC Result 2018.